Night Lodge strives to give the best experiences to our guests. Our amenities allow you to have the best experience while being able to explore what’s in store in the Bartonsville area.  We offer rooms in Bartonsville PA that will make your accommodation a memorable experience.


We want our guests to start with day with energy and thus we offer a free continental breakfast. You will not need to pay for breakfast. Sample our different breakfast items to make your day.


You don’t have to worry about finishing up your assignments or chatting with your colleagues. We have Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to access the internet. You can collaborate with your work teams as you enjoy your stay.

Air Conditioning

We know that the weather can sometimes make things uncomfortable and that’s why we have air conditioning units in the rooms. You will have a comfortable stay by ensuring that the temperatures in the rooms are desirable. Whether it is the summer heat or the cold winter, you can make it by setting the right temperatures.


Our rooms are equipped with a refrigerator to allow you to store your perishables and other products. Whether it’s your fruits, medicine, or other items that you think could go bad, you can place it in the refrigerator to keep it in good condition.


A microwave in the room allows you to warm up your food. Do don’t have to take cold food anymore. If there is anything else you want to warm up, you got your microwave for that purpose.

Besides, our hotel has accessibility features to allow you to reach the areas you want. We have wheelchair-accessible rooms to allow people with walking difficulties to access their rooms easily.

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